This project started as a weekend project to collect many resources in one place. Several hours and many months later, here it is.

The goal is to provide a very concise guide for anyone that’s curious about understanding what tools and libraries exist for experimenting with telling stories on the web.

It is also an ode to all the open source projects which have been created in hopes of helping journalists report. In talking to many students interested in journalism one common problem is exposure to what is possible.

This site will try to concisely answer “what is possible?” as well as “how is it possible?”.

If you’re curious about how you can help with this project, say hey at pippin@pippinlee.com. We’re open to dropping by your newsroom, particularly student newsrooms (especially Canadian), to run a workshop and get you up and contributing.

This whole project is on Github here, and we’re always open to feedback and help. Create an issue here with any comments on tools and libraries we’re missing.


The wonderful artwork on this site is by Redmer Hoekstra.

The Open Journalism Project was inspired and stands on the shoulders of Mozilla’s OpenNews initiative Source and the Knightlab’s Learn resource to create a better starting point for those interested in the intersection of journalism and code.